It's quite simple. Something New

For Sunday Scribblings

It takes a lot of guts to spill things honestly about someone else. I will let you know how newly developed my hate is for your company Marsh!

Recently I have realised.

I don’t care for your company because;

1. Your “humor” is irritating.
2. I can’t seem to get over the fact that you are not only incredibly insecure, but also pathetically fake.
3. You are rude behind my back and respectful to my face.
4. You are not dependable.
5. You like to talk, but never actually attempt to accomplish the things you talk about.
6. Your obsession with trying to appear unique and artsy gets very annoying very fast.
7. You’re one of the biggest hypocrites that I have ever come across.
8. You like to live your life for show.

Hope that clears some things up. And hope we can start new.
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