“In love, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision.”

for sunday scribblings


I have one question for the world- are you human if you have no feelings?

Well I can answer that question for you, NO. I say no because to all the ones that have top put up with being name called and picked on because you don’t hang out with them or because you don’t have $140 to get some new Jersey . Or is it because you’re wearing mismatch clothes with buttons and safety pins, with funky hair with different dyes in your hair. They pick on you just to push your buttons , to see what hurts and what doesn’t . I call them inhuman , because they don’t know how it feels, they don’t know what it is like to look over your shoulder every second of your life. Or to put a mask over your face so they don’t see the tears well up in your eyes. So you ask them why …why. But when you get home it all changes. you cut yourself, you hurt others, you cry and cry and all the while your friends try to help, but it is to late, and now your looking down from above at your friends your wondering what went wrong.
So as I put this mask over my face, think , how does she feel inside.

Thursday-13 'the boyfriend list'

and so here goes my Thursday-13
My boyfriend makes sure he does the following 13.

• Replies to my calls/texts no matter how weird

• Smiles that special smile whenever he sees me

• Always wants to make me feel better when I m upset

• Doesn’t think any other guy deserves me, because I am just for him

• Listens when I talk

• Smells good, but is not over powering

• Gives me small trinkets when I m not expecting it

• Goes out of his way to something for me always

• Wraps his arms around my waist when I hug

• He is not perfect and knows it and yet I love him

• He lets me run my hands through his hair

• He calls me cute, sweet, and beautiful, etc. instead of just hot etc.

• He has a way of saying my name that just seems perfect
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