A Toy Story


Here I am sitting,
At a corner of a room.
Unwanted, broken,
Missing the days
I spent with her.

I remember it clearly,
One fated sunny day,
I was brought home.

Back then I was loved,
Back then she cared,
Back then I was happy,
I have found my home.

I miss the times
She played with me.
How she hugged me,
And brought me with her to sleep.

Now it has changed,
She’s finished with me.
I was left alone,
No longer was I loved.

So here I am sitting,
At a corner of a room.
Unwanted, broken,
Forgotten all together.


When a guy is quiet and is alone, he's is thinking how good you're.
My bf is always quiet but i don't think that he's thinking bout how good am i.

When a guy is lying on his bed, he is thinking deeply why he loves you.
I can't comment much on this, so bah!

When a guy looks at you in your eyes, he wants to tell you how much he loves you and how important you're.
Weird thing, my bf don't look me in my eyes. Means he doesn't love me and i'm not important to him?

When a guy answers "I'm Fine" after a while, he is not and feels hurts.
He never says "I'm fine" to me because if i were to raise an issue about anything, not like he will stay quiet and say that he's alright. He rebels, so what does that mean?

When a guy keep asking you the same question, he is wondering why you are lying.
What kinda questions? Well, no doubt if he doesn't trust me as much as when we first started off.

When a guy hugs you while sleeping, he is wishing that you belongs to him forever.
Not like i want to sleep with him, let alone giving him a chance to hug me. For now.

When a guy calls you everyday, he miss you and wants your attention.
He doesn't call me everyday, means he don't miss me. Yay! And after all, he has got a whole bunch of friends, he doesn't need my attention.

When a guy wants to see you everyday, he cares for you and want to know how are you today.
More like he needs to see his friends more than me.

When a guy sms's u everyday, he wants you to know he is fine.
He sms-es me because it was a promise he made. The same mundane words repeated everyday. He not sick of it, i always no feel already larh. It is more like a responsibility, not a will.

When a guy says I love you, he really means it.
I've got quite a few guys saying that three magical words, but how many really mean it? It doesn't even take them a month to go after another girl.

When a guy says that he can't live without you, he has made up his mind that you are his future wife.
The guy who told me that he can't live without me is living happily ever after with another girl.

When a guy says "I Miss You", he wants to see you immediately.
Total rubbish! So if he doesn't say anything means he doesn't want to see me? Brilliant!

I bet this stupid crap must have been written by a guy. What utter nonsense!

mmm.. chocolate

I don't know if you know this but.....

Chocolate is a Vegetable: Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans. Bean = vegetable.

Sugar is derived from either sugar CANE or sugar BEETS. Both are plants, which places them in the vegetable category. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable.

To go one step further, chocolate candy bars also contain milk, which is dairy. So candy bars are a health food.

Chocolate-covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

If you've got melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly.
The problem: How to get 2 pounds of chocolate home from the store in a hot car. The solution: Eat it in the parking lot.

Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal. It'll take the edge off your appetite, and you'll eat less.

If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet? Don't they actually counteract each other?

Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.

Put eating chocolate at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you'll get one thing done.

A nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place. Now, isn't that handy?

If not for chocolate, there would be no need for control top pantyhose. An entire garment industry would be devastated. You can't let that happen, can you?

REMEMBER: Stressed spelled backward is desserts.

Send this to four women and you will lose two pounds. Send this to all the women you know (or ever knew), and you will lose 10 pounds.

If you delete this message, you will gain 10 pounds immediately. That's why I had to pass this on. I didn't want to risk it.

Count down of the Top Twenty Oxymorons

ox·y·mo·ra (-môr, -mr) or ox·y·mo·rons
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined

20. Government Organization

19. Alone together

18. Personal Computer

17. Silent Scream

16. Living Dead

15. Same difference

14. Taped live

13. Plastic Glasses

12. Tight Slacks

11. Peace Force

10. Pretty Ugly

9. Head Butt

8. Working Vacation

7. Tax Return

6. Virtual Reality

5. Dodge Ram

4. Work Party

3. Jumbo Shrimp

2. Healthy Tan

1. Microsoft Works
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